American Freemasonry has always had a particular interest in education, and it is thus no
surprise to find wide support given to students, usually in the form of scholarships. Masonic
scholarships range from funds offered by thousands of Lodges to local students, to large
programs run on an international basis.

It is Fiat Lux's Mission to fund, construct and administrate a fully endowed Masonic
Academy for grades 6 through 12. Grades 6 through 8 will have 12 classes per grade
(240/level). Grades 9 through 12 (High School) will consist of a Boys Academy and a Girls
Academy with 6 classes of 20 students each per grade per Academy. Total enrollment will be
1680 students.

Why a Masonic Academy?

Freemasonry is uniquely qualified to add a new core to the educational system. This "new"
core class is ethics. There is a desparate need to teach our youth a baseline core of
behaviour in addition to the more traditional subjects of English, History, Mathematics,
Sciences, Liberal Arts, Foreign languages, Government, Home Economics, and Computer
Science. We feel that the principles inculcated within Freemasonry can and will provide our
youth a time proven baseline core of behaviour. Further, in extending education with on-
hands technical training in trades such as horticulture, general construction and repair, media
production, etc., we can upgrade education into the 21st Century. The school will provide a
controlled environment for extra curricular student entertainment during and after school. As
a boarding, facility the Masonic Academy will be available to students everywhere.
Enrollment will be restricted to the sons and daughters of Masons, and members of those
youth organizations sponsored by Freemasonry. These youth organizations are expected to
become a major part of the Academy's extra-curricular activities. Chapters will be
maintained on the school grounds with full facilities.

This project is within the means of the Masonic community. Sales to Masons alone will more
than endow the Academy. (This doesn't include collector sales.) The Masonic Dollar (with
related products/services) provides funding for the Academy and your local Lodge and/or
Appendant Bodies as well. Our two level fund-raiser benefits your charity events while
extending this quality collectable to the Brethren. Further, Masonic Dollar sales can be
either an additional fund-raising device or can replace a pancake breakfast or two. Contact

The Masonic Academy can provide the necessary environment for our children's
advancement towards a brighter tomorrow.