Fiat Lux, Unl., is licensed as a wholesale/retail Company in Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee.
It is currently a "privately" owned and operated business. We consider this to be a vehicle for the
benefit of the Fraternity world wide.

Our primary business function is the wholesale of coins to Lodges and Appendant Bodies for their
use as a fund raiser for local projects. In the near future, we plan to re-organize as a Non-Profit
Foundation with proceeds to be used for the benefit of Masonic youth world wide. For more
information please visit our Mission page.
Brother Nolden has a "vision"! This vision is a projection of continued educational needs and
practices for the 21st Century. [see mission statement]

"[Masonry] does require and expect every man of us to do something, within and according to his
means; and there is no Mason who cannot do some thing, if not alone, then by combination and
association." Morals and Dogma Albert Pike

We have embarked on this mission to make his vision a reality through volunteer efforts and the
support of family and friends. The mission is clear "Let there be light in 2000 and beyond" a
statement we wish to be internationally recognized within the structure of our Grand Society as we
gain your trust and confidence in this endeavor.

We welcome your personal comments, suggestions and questions and will make every effort to
answer you within 7 days for inquiries.

Our Website is an ongoing construction project. As such, Fiat Lux, Unl. is actively seeking to secure
the following additional items for this website, BBBOnline membership, Website certification, and
VPN these services will be secured as funds become available. Every possible effort is being made
now and will be made in the future to insure the privacy of our members.

If you have any further questions regarding Fiat Lux, Unl., please feel free to send your mail to
FiatLuxE2W@aol.com or the snail mail address provided above.