"FIAT LUX INAVL 2000". Let there be
light in 2000. This is more than a Masonic
sentiment. It is a global mission; one which is
intensely personal for individuals and communities

As you can see, our custom minting is of a round
one troy ounce silver coin .999 fine 39mm round.
Embellished with the Masonic square and compass
and a replication of the Seal of the Knights Templar
(circa 1300-1400AD), the face of the coin reflects
current Masonry, while the reverse reflects upon a
part of Masonic heritage.

You may already be familiar with the "Masonic
Penny"; a small copper coin minted for special
events as well as other such coinage issued. The
"Masonic Dollar" serves as a focus of
contemplation, a gift for those within and without
the Fraternity, and an opportunity to present the
Symbols of Freemasonry to the general public.

Whether for the discerning collector of coins
and/or historical replicas, or for members of the
oldest fraternity in the world; this Millenium
Masonic Coin will make a unique heirloom and gift

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We have not yet been able to get a
picture showing the coin silver,
at least this one has better clarity.