Fiat Lux, Unl. is committed to protecting our consumers/members privacy. The information we collect via
internet or mail is used to provide you with personalized, service, membership, customer service, shipping,
notification of new products and special discounts offered. This information will not be published or sold by us
to anyone, except information that which is jurisdictionally ordered for surrender by operation of applicable

Data collected at the time of purchase (ie. credit card, check, name, address, e-mail address, phone number
etc.) is done so with the use of secured servers. The secure server software (SSL), we intend to purchase (if
we have not already done so) for our shopsite, encrypts all payment information you input before it is sent to
us and is protected against unauthorized access.

All Member applications/information provided us will be kept manually and not stored on any internet
connected computer. Why? You may ask! Because we value you as a customer/member, your information
security is our "Top Priority". Any referral business links provided at our site are direct links, information
provided by you at our website (by purchase, e-mail, fax, and phone) is not given or shared with these

If you have any further questions regarding our "privacy policy statement" we incourage you to contact us at