To Our Members;

We encourage you to look through this site and offer any suggestions for improvements
or additions you would like to see as a member. Please pardon the repeated request
for the password but this is in place to discourage public viewing. We will continue to
look for ways to further insure the privacy of our members.

Please check back with us as we are still completing the other links listed on this page
and apologize for the inconvenience. This site is now active for Visa/Mastercard
payment acceptance for retail purchase online. You may order wholesale at any time
by snail mail. Send your request to our e-mail address and we will forward you a
purchase order, when sending remittance you must provide your organization Tax
Identification number, required by law for wholesale purchases.

This process has taken much longer than expected which is one reason why we have
listed the coin on auction for the retail price. Online auctions will cease once the retail
store is opened. Private auctions will be available to members only at
(Visa/Mastercard accepted) to avoid snail mail ordering, if you are interested in
purchasing wholesale through please e-mail us your request and quantity
of coins (8coin minimum purchase required), you wish to purchase.


Sandra Nolden, OES
Web Manager for:
Fiat Lux, Unltd.
Again, we thank you for your interest in purchasing the masonic dollar.
Store is currently unavailable for purchase order by snail mail. You may request a purchase order by e-
mail, print this form and mail with your payment to the address provided.
US $19.95