Are you making masonic money?
The masonic dollar has the same
status as the masonic penny. We
have made a unique item for masons
as a gift and collectible, as well as
another way for Lodges and
Appendant Bodies to raise funds for
their organization.
Are you trying to take over the world?
No, we thought we would leave that
to the already experienced players
that exist in the world today!
Are you members of the fraternity?
Yes, the owner and most of the
volunteers are members of the
fraternity and/or Appendant Bodies,
others have family in the fraternity.
We stand by our integrity regardless
of opposition.
Do you sell this coin to anyone?
Yes, we sell the coin to anyone for the
retail price. We sell wholesale only to
Lodges and Appendant Bodies for
their use as a fund raiser or to pass the
savings on to their members.
What would you do if your coin
does not raise sufficient
We do not intend this to be a
single year issued coin. We will
continue to issue a different coin
design [reverse side] each year
until sufficient funds are raised.
Are you sponsored by a specific
Lodge or Appendant Body?
No, this is an individual effort to
benefit the fraternity world wide. As
such, we feel that sponsorship by
specific Grand Lodge, Lodge or
Appendant Body would cause the
impression that this was a regional
project for the benefit of a regional
organization. But we welcome the
support of any Body of Freemasonry
in promoting this project.