Lodges and Appendant Body Membership Information
We appreciate your interests in becoming a Member to take advantage of purchasing our coins
at Wholesale cost. We offer this to Lodges and Appendant Bodies so that you may resell to your
members as a fund raiser for your organization.

This Millennium Masonic Dollar Coin is the first issue of its kind. This one of a kind dollar coin is a
collectible / heirloom for masons and numismatists worldwide.

Before you join us as a Member, we first ask that you read our privacy statement, our mission
statement, and our company information pages to familiarize yourself with Fiat Lux and our
goals. Joining is easy. Simply e-mail your request to join to us with your Lodge name, number,
your title and we will provide you with a password to our members lobby.

All that is necessary for non-Tennessee buyers is to send your purchase request on your
Lodge/Appendant Bodies stationary. This will remain in effect for the duration of the moritorium
on taxes on Internet sales. Tennessee Lodge/Appendant Bodies are required by law to provide
the tax identification number for their organization in order for us to sell wholesale to you [or,
alternatively, you may elect to pay tax on the wholesale price].


When you order your coins please put your tax identification number on the purchase order
enclosed with your payment. Tax identification and Lodge information is held in strictest
confidence and will be maintained manually by our company.

If you have questions or comments please contact us at: FiatLuxE2W@aol.com